DIY Feather Drop Earrings

I like feathers and all the wonderful colors they come in.  They make great jewelry such as earrings or necklaces.  To make feather drop earrings you will need feathers, 26 gauge wire, embroidery thread, super glue, ribbon, and either hook or lever earring findings.  There are endless possibilities when working with feathers but to make the ones pictured you will need to pick three feathers for each earring.  After that you will cut a piece of wire about three inches long and then tie all of the feathers and wire together with the embroidery thread.  You then take the ribbon and with super glue, wrap the top of the feathers to hide the embroidery thread.  A nice choice for ribbon would be a color that compliments the color of your feathers.  When that is done, you will add an earring back to one end of the wire and make a small loop.  With the other end you will wrap it around the base of the first wire and then cut the wire. With jewelry pliers, gently push the wire so it is flush on the base so it is not sticking out and sticking you!  This is basically an easy and pretty diy, but if you would like to purchase a pair of earrings I do sell them at

Happy Diy-ing!