DIY Feather Drop Earrings

I like feathers and all the wonderful colors they come in.  They make great jewelry such as earrings or necklaces.  To make feather drop earrings you will need feathers, 26 gauge wire, embroidery thread, super glue, ribbon, and either hook or lever earring findings.  There are endless possibilities when working with feathers but to make the ones pictured you will need to pick three feathers for each earring.  After that you will cut a piece of wire about three inches long and then tie all of the feathers and wire together with the embroidery thread.  You then take the ribbon and with super glue, wrap the top of the feathers to hide the embroidery thread.  A nice choice for ribbon would be a color that compliments the color of your feathers.  When that is done, you will add an earring back to one end of the wire and make a small loop.  With the other end you will wrap it around the base of the first wire and then cut the wire. With jewelry pliers, gently push the wire so it is flush on the base so it is not sticking out and sticking you!  This is basically an easy and pretty diy, but if you would like to purchase a pair of earrings I do sell them at

Happy Diy-ing!


DIY Organization: 4 tips for small work areas

I have recently become obsessed with DIY projects and because of this wanted a room to work in.  Unfortunately, we live in a small residence which did not fit my needs.  I decided to make our small storage room into my workshop, removing all thing unneccessary and hiding left over items behind a curtain (who doesn’t do this in dire situations (:).  I was able to bring in my desk………which I love, but is quite large.  And with a few DIY tricks, I am able to have the things I use most out of boxes and in reach.  Here are four of the tips I have used and love, and hope you can utilize as well.

1. Ribbon holder.  This very handy ribbon holder was made in just minutes and all you need is a drill and kabob skewers.  I used the drill to make small holes about one inch deep.  I then took the skewers and gently hammered them into the holes. They were stable, but for extra stability I also used wire to hold up the two holders with the most ribbon.  The third has no wire and is for the ribbon I use the most, and can be easily removed from the skewer.

2. All purpose holder.  This all-purpose holder is actually an over the door shoe organizer.  I bought two and used this one to organize all my pencils, paint brushes, paints, glues, scissors, markers, etc.  For the small price I paid, this was a huge investment as having things so handy is just so convenient.

3. Display your colors!!  I love art and all the amazing mediums that can be used to create it.  I also love the convenience of seeing my paint and being able to simply pluck it out of the container without the hassle of swimming through a tote of mixed paints.  To organize the acrylic paint, I did the same thing with kabob skewers as I did for the ribbon.  I like how it hangs like a display, so neat and handy.  To organize the watercolors, I used the holder they came in and added ribbon to keep the paint from falling out.  After that I simply hung it on the wall.

4. A Super Pretty way to hold and recycle plastic grocery bags.  I love boxes.  I love the colors, the shapes, the storage :)…… I decided to put one to a very practical use.  I used this pretty striped box I got with a gift (from Things Remembered) and I cut a hole in the side.  I then screwed it onto the wall and stuffed it full of plastic grocery bags.  Now I have a pretty storage for them and it is quite convenient as well!  Here’s to organization made pretty!!