DIY Dice…. Christmas Decorations, Glitter Decorations, Etc. Fun and Cute!

I tend to collect the strangest things, lol!  Once upon a time, I was introduced to the game dungeons and dragons.  I never actually played the game, but I was obsessed with the dice and the figurines that are used in the game.  So I bought several sets of dice, and had an original two sets which I thought were rather bland and never used.   These became the inspiration for tiny ornaments.  Although I did mine in non-traditional holiday colors……if used with a candle or on a small tree……these would look awesome if the glitter was red/green/gold, etc.  Basically all you need are the dice, glitter, and glue.  The easiest way to apply the glitter to the dice is to put your glitter in a small plastic bag and after thoroughly covering your dice with glue, drop in and shake the bag.  Presto! Pretty ornaments…….for small trees, candles, centerpieces, they even look pretty on their own!






Happy Diy-ing!