DIY Jewelry Holder

My latest diy project is a jewelry holder.  I have seen a lot of these on the internet and thought………how clever!  It makes for easy access and also displays your jewelry at the same time.  I decided I wanted to do something a bit different then what I saw, so I hit up our local thrift shops.  I found an old vintage magazine holder and thought….yep…..that’s it!  Basically I took out the mesh from the frame, straightened it out a bit and painted it.  I left the bottom sticking out a bit for easy access for hanging additional necklaces, bracelets, and anklets.  All in all I think this turned out rather well and is very convenient.

If  working with something like this, you can bend it out like so and it stands on its own.  I decided to hang mine, so I bent it out further.

Happy Diy-ing!

Wonderful find as I was exploring the web today…….apparently you can purchase this type of metal sheeting at your local hardware store.  I assume they would have different designs as well!!!!


DIY Lazy Susan Organizer for Nail Polish

Nail polish.  The possibilities!  Magnetic, glitter, crackle, marble inspired, updated french manicures, etc., etc.  I imagine most girls own a lot of nail polish.  With all these new trends everyone wants fancy tips these days.  I own a lot of nail polish.  I actually own two sets of nail lacquer.  One for hands and one for feet.  I know that is strange, but hey…….I am strange lol.  So as my ever growing nail polish collection grows and grows, I find myself moving to larger containers that eventually over fill and then I have to dig for the hue or hues of my next inspiration.  I have seen a lot of nail polish organizers on the web, but found the diy’s too large and I didn’t really want to pay out again for a new container.  So as I thought over this dilemma I happened upon a lazy susan I had bought for around ten dollars last year for my spices.  It was not being used and thus began my diy organization project.  This project is really easy and is very efficient as it is on a spinning platform.  I decided to paint mine with colors that match my bedroom decor.  I used three bead canisters wrapped in ribbon for support as I wasn’t quite confident in the posts provided with the lazy susan.  I painted each platform with three coats of acrylic paint and finished with the purple design, which was easy enough as the design was raised.  I added a pretty jar with an orange ribbon to use for files, etc.

This project is very versatile, fun, and can be used for organizing not only nail polish, but any small items that one might want to display and have easy access to.

DIY custom purse

I am not a purse person.  All my life I have owned under 10 purses…….maybe.  I try to carry one around and two months later it is on the shelf.  I am a backpack girl or carry it all in one hand minimalist.  Or at least I was until I came upon this particular purse a couple of months ago on a road trip.  I used it a few times, but…….as usually that uncomfortable feeling set in.  This purse just wasn’t “me”.  But, I liked it and so I embarked on a DIY like no other.  I thought this would be a quick fix, but countless hours later, I realized this was a doozy of a DIY.  The fabric is some faux leather, but with no tag to tell what exactly it was I went and bought a few fabric dyes.  The one I thought would work the best was a spray fabric dye, but was not made for water proof fabric.  Frustrated and running out of ideas, I picked up my always loyal Sharpie…….and voila….perfect color.  I know there must be better alternatives, but I was a girl on edge and finally with hope.  I went out and bought several Sharpie pros, which are wear and water resistant……..and went to work.  Several days later, yes……..days, lol…….I finally achieved the desired look I wanted as far as color.  A couple more hours working with the odds and ends and finally, finally a purse I WILL use!!  Although this project was time consuming, the end result is something that fits my comfort zone and I think I may just finally be able to carry my own things around!  Thank you to my poor husband whom has endured such burdens as keys, phones, cameras, and whatever else I made him shove in his pockets over the years!

Gary, my little helper

Yes, I am crazy……lol…..and yes, the purse before would have been perfect……for someone else.  I also put metal studs over the rivets and added smaller D rings in place of the larger oval rings that were there before.  Then I put on some customized jewelry links with a braided band to add a touch of color.  An added plus, the strap is great for making a cross over which makes it feel less like a purse.  It may have been time consuming, but I finally can actually say I really like this purse……..and mean it!!

DIY Organization: 4 tips for small work areas

I have recently become obsessed with DIY projects and because of this wanted a room to work in.  Unfortunately, we live in a small residence which did not fit my needs.  I decided to make our small storage room into my workshop, removing all thing unneccessary and hiding left over items behind a curtain (who doesn’t do this in dire situations (:).  I was able to bring in my desk………which I love, but is quite large.  And with a few DIY tricks, I am able to have the things I use most out of boxes and in reach.  Here are four of the tips I have used and love, and hope you can utilize as well.

1. Ribbon holder.  This very handy ribbon holder was made in just minutes and all you need is a drill and kabob skewers.  I used the drill to make small holes about one inch deep.  I then took the skewers and gently hammered them into the holes. They were stable, but for extra stability I also used wire to hold up the two holders with the most ribbon.  The third has no wire and is for the ribbon I use the most, and can be easily removed from the skewer.

2. All purpose holder.  This all-purpose holder is actually an over the door shoe organizer.  I bought two and used this one to organize all my pencils, paint brushes, paints, glues, scissors, markers, etc.  For the small price I paid, this was a huge investment as having things so handy is just so convenient.

3. Display your colors!!  I love art and all the amazing mediums that can be used to create it.  I also love the convenience of seeing my paint and being able to simply pluck it out of the container without the hassle of swimming through a tote of mixed paints.  To organize the acrylic paint, I did the same thing with kabob skewers as I did for the ribbon.  I like how it hangs like a display, so neat and handy.  To organize the watercolors, I used the holder they came in and added ribbon to keep the paint from falling out.  After that I simply hung it on the wall.

4. A Super Pretty way to hold and recycle plastic grocery bags.  I love boxes.  I love the colors, the shapes, the storage :)…… I decided to put one to a very practical use.  I used this pretty striped box I got with a gift (from Things Remembered) and I cut a hole in the side.  I then screwed it onto the wall and stuffed it full of plastic grocery bags.  Now I have a pretty storage for them and it is quite convenient as well!  Here’s to organization made pretty!!