DIY Dice #2 Conversation Starters, Game Starters, Pretty Mirrors

While working with my dungeons and dragons dice, I decided that the two regular dice would look great if they remained dice, but with a little jazz.  I decided to use mirrors and small jewel decals to go over the dice to give them extra bling!  I wouldn’t recommend playing with these dice, but they could be the motivation for a game night at home with the family or they could just be conversational pieces.  To make these dice you will need, glue, 6 mosaic mirrors each, small jewels and tweezers and toothpicks to work with them, and glitter if you choose to do a border as I did.  First you will take each dice and apply 4 mirrors with glue and allow to dry.  Then you will put the final two mirrors on the opposite ends.  After the glue is finally dry, you can then decorate as you wish.  I wanted mine to look like actual dice, so I chose to set my jewels on the mirrors in the order of spots you would normally find on a pair of dice.  To do that I dipped one end of a toothpick in glue to set glue dots on the mirrors, and then with the tweezers applied the jewels.  Because the mirrors do tend to have an unfinished look, I decided to border them with glitter.  I did this by again using a toothpick to apply glue to the desired area and then I sprinkled on the glitter.  Finally I took a dry paint brush to clean the extra glitter off to reveal a set of bedazzled, blinged out dice!!



Happy Diy-ing!


DIY Dice…. Christmas Decorations, Glitter Decorations, Etc. Fun and Cute!

I tend to collect the strangest things, lol!  Once upon a time, I was introduced to the game dungeons and dragons.  I never actually played the game, but I was obsessed with the dice and the figurines that are used in the game.  So I bought several sets of dice, and had an original two sets which I thought were rather bland and never used.   These became the inspiration for tiny ornaments.  Although I did mine in non-traditional holiday colors……if used with a candle or on a small tree……these would look awesome if the glitter was red/green/gold, etc.  Basically all you need are the dice, glitter, and glue.  The easiest way to apply the glitter to the dice is to put your glitter in a small plastic bag and after thoroughly covering your dice with glue, drop in and shake the bag.  Presto! Pretty ornaments…….for small trees, candles, centerpieces, they even look pretty on their own!






Happy Diy-ing!

DIY Feather Drop Earrings

I like feathers and all the wonderful colors they come in.  They make great jewelry such as earrings or necklaces.  To make feather drop earrings you will need feathers, 26 gauge wire, embroidery thread, super glue, ribbon, and either hook or lever earring findings.  There are endless possibilities when working with feathers but to make the ones pictured you will need to pick three feathers for each earring.  After that you will cut a piece of wire about three inches long and then tie all of the feathers and wire together with the embroidery thread.  You then take the ribbon and with super glue, wrap the top of the feathers to hide the embroidery thread.  A nice choice for ribbon would be a color that compliments the color of your feathers.  When that is done, you will add an earring back to one end of the wire and make a small loop.  With the other end you will wrap it around the base of the first wire and then cut the wire. With jewelry pliers, gently push the wire so it is flush on the base so it is not sticking out and sticking you!  This is basically an easy and pretty diy, but if you would like to purchase a pair of earrings I do sell them at

Happy Diy-ing!

What to do when your dog is too large for a store bought bed

Our dog Chinook is large, very, very large. We have searched high and low for a bed to fit him to no avail. Lucky for us we had a futon cushion that was no longer in use and so we cut it half. I sewed up one half of the futon with twine and then I made a removable cover out of a full flat sheet. The whole project took about an hour and a half and now our dog has a comfortable place to sleep. If you don’t have a futon cushion a good place to find one for cheap, or even free would be local ads or Craigslist.

Happy Diy-ing!

DIY Jewelry Holder

My latest diy project is a jewelry holder.  I have seen a lot of these on the internet and thought………how clever!  It makes for easy access and also displays your jewelry at the same time.  I decided I wanted to do something a bit different then what I saw, so I hit up our local thrift shops.  I found an old vintage magazine holder and thought….yep…..that’s it!  Basically I took out the mesh from the frame, straightened it out a bit and painted it.  I left the bottom sticking out a bit for easy access for hanging additional necklaces, bracelets, and anklets.  All in all I think this turned out rather well and is very convenient.

If  working with something like this, you can bend it out like so and it stands on its own.  I decided to hang mine, so I bent it out further.

Happy Diy-ing!

Wonderful find as I was exploring the web today…….apparently you can purchase this type of metal sheeting at your local hardware store.  I assume they would have different designs as well!!!!

DIY Lazy Susan Organizer for Nail Polish

Nail polish.  The possibilities!  Magnetic, glitter, crackle, marble inspired, updated french manicures, etc., etc.  I imagine most girls own a lot of nail polish.  With all these new trends everyone wants fancy tips these days.  I own a lot of nail polish.  I actually own two sets of nail lacquer.  One for hands and one for feet.  I know that is strange, but hey…….I am strange lol.  So as my ever growing nail polish collection grows and grows, I find myself moving to larger containers that eventually over fill and then I have to dig for the hue or hues of my next inspiration.  I have seen a lot of nail polish organizers on the web, but found the diy’s too large and I didn’t really want to pay out again for a new container.  So as I thought over this dilemma I happened upon a lazy susan I had bought for around ten dollars last year for my spices.  It was not being used and thus began my diy organization project.  This project is really easy and is very efficient as it is on a spinning platform.  I decided to paint mine with colors that match my bedroom decor.  I used three bead canisters wrapped in ribbon for support as I wasn’t quite confident in the posts provided with the lazy susan.  I painted each platform with three coats of acrylic paint and finished with the purple design, which was easy enough as the design was raised.  I added a pretty jar with an orange ribbon to use for files, etc.

This project is very versatile, fun, and can be used for organizing not only nail polish, but any small items that one might want to display and have easy access to.