DIY Dice #2 Conversation Starters, Game Starters, Pretty Mirrors

While working with my dungeons and dragons dice, I decided that the two regular dice would look great if they remained dice, but with a little jazz.  I decided to use mirrors and small jewel decals to go over the dice to give them extra bling!  I wouldn’t recommend playing with these dice, but they could be the motivation for a game night at home with the family or they could just be conversational pieces.  To make these dice you will need, glue, 6 mosaic mirrors each, small jewels and tweezers and toothpicks to work with them, and glitter if you choose to do a border as I did.  First you will take each dice and apply 4 mirrors with glue and allow to dry.  Then you will put the final two mirrors on the opposite ends.  After the glue is finally dry, you can then decorate as you wish.  I wanted mine to look like actual dice, so I chose to set my jewels on the mirrors in the order of spots you would normally find on a pair of dice.  To do that I dipped one end of a toothpick in glue to set glue dots on the mirrors, and then with the tweezers applied the jewels.  Because the mirrors do tend to have an unfinished look, I decided to border them with glitter.  I did this by again using a toothpick to apply glue to the desired area and then I sprinkled on the glitter.  Finally I took a dry paint brush to clean the extra glitter off to reveal a set of bedazzled, blinged out dice!!



Happy Diy-ing!


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