DIY Lazy Susan Organizer for Nail Polish

Nail polish.  The possibilities!  Magnetic, glitter, crackle, marble inspired, updated french manicures, etc., etc.  I imagine most girls own a lot of nail polish.  With all these new trends everyone wants fancy tips these days.  I own a lot of nail polish.  I actually own two sets of nail lacquer.  One for hands and one for feet.  I know that is strange, but hey…….I am strange lol.  So as my ever growing nail polish collection grows and grows, I find myself moving to larger containers that eventually over fill and then I have to dig for the hue or hues of my next inspiration.  I have seen a lot of nail polish organizers on the web, but found the diy’s too large and I didn’t really want to pay out again for a new container.  So as I thought over this dilemma I happened upon a lazy susan I had bought for around ten dollars last year for my spices.  It was not being used and thus began my diy organization project.  This project is really easy and is very efficient as it is on a spinning platform.  I decided to paint mine with colors that match my bedroom decor.  I used three bead canisters wrapped in ribbon for support as I wasn’t quite confident in the posts provided with the lazy susan.  I painted each platform with three coats of acrylic paint and finished with the purple design, which was easy enough as the design was raised.  I added a pretty jar with an orange ribbon to use for files, etc.

This project is very versatile, fun, and can be used for organizing not only nail polish, but any small items that one might want to display and have easy access to.


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