DIY custom purse

I am not a purse person.  All my life I have owned under 10 purses…….maybe.  I try to carry one around and two months later it is on the shelf.  I am a backpack girl or carry it all in one hand minimalist.  Or at least I was until I came upon this particular purse a couple of months ago on a road trip.  I used it a few times, but…….as usually that uncomfortable feeling set in.  This purse just wasn’t “me”.  But, I liked it and so I embarked on a DIY like no other.  I thought this would be a quick fix, but countless hours later, I realized this was a doozy of a DIY.  The fabric is some faux leather, but with no tag to tell what exactly it was I went and bought a few fabric dyes.  The one I thought would work the best was a spray fabric dye, but was not made for water proof fabric.  Frustrated and running out of ideas, I picked up my always loyal Sharpie…….and voila….perfect color.  I know there must be better alternatives, but I was a girl on edge and finally with hope.  I went out and bought several Sharpie pros, which are wear and water resistant……..and went to work.  Several days later, yes……..days, lol…….I finally achieved the desired look I wanted as far as color.  A couple more hours working with the odds and ends and finally, finally a purse I WILL use!!  Although this project was time consuming, the end result is something that fits my comfort zone and I think I may just finally be able to carry my own things around!  Thank you to my poor husband whom has endured such burdens as keys, phones, cameras, and whatever else I made him shove in his pockets over the years!

Gary, my little helper

Yes, I am crazy……lol…..and yes, the purse before would have been perfect……for someone else.  I also put metal studs over the rivets and added smaller D rings in place of the larger oval rings that were there before.  Then I put on some customized jewelry links with a braided band to add a touch of color.  An added plus, the strap is great for making a cross over which makes it feel less like a purse.  It may have been time consuming, but I finally can actually say I really like this purse……..and mean it!!


2 thoughts on “DIY custom purse

  1. I’m the same way! I’m in college so I practically always have my book bag with me, and if I don’t I just carry around a little wallet with the necessities. My boyfriend just started to notice that I never carry one and asked me the other day why I didn’t. I was like…uh…it’s just..not me? I’m not a purse person? Lol, I do have one cross body bag I love and use every once in a while though..

    • dragonflydiy says:

      Lol……I know……I think some people are just that way. I have had friends tell me I “need” a purse and I am thinking “what for?”. It is funny. I love high heels and jewelry, I even occasionally where a dress….I just never had the desire to use a purse. I do like how mine came out and will use it however. Come to think of it, there are a few purses I thought were cute, I believe they were more of a hobo bag….but they had no zipper. Knowing the clutz I am……..I would come home to an empty bag!

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